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Transcript: Mike Lindell FULL Speech from Florence, AZ 1/15/2022

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-Mike Lindell
Well, a year ago today, almost at this time. They took that famous picture when I was outside the White House. Y'all remember that?

Well, ever, since that day. I've been attacked from morning till night, right up to yesterday when they're trying to ban, all the platforms.

And but I want to tell you, I'm going to take us back a year ago and why we're so much better off today a year ago when that happened. After that happened in the media started attacking me. I put something on Facebook. I thought suck about was just deep loud for me, but none of my friends would like anything. I call them. They wouldn't answer the phone. Everybody was in fear. Remember all across the country. It was after January 6, everybody was in fear.

And I just kept going and kept losing plant, you know, losing box stores and stuff. And I would not want to, but we have evidence restore, we got to save our country where an attack. And then I heard about this. I thought I heard about Arizona. I kept hearing stuff going on down in Arizona. These brave people, these senators in this audit and I'm going and I'll tell you what that inspired me.

So, it did here in Arizona, the block, after block, after block, starting with rotten Doug Ducey...


And Obstruction, obstructionist, obstruction, obstruction, which didn't make any sense. So, but they were down here, fighting and would not give up. And then you started hearing about, are all across the country in different places up in Michigan, and down in Georgia. And that kept it, that inspired me. Obviously, I went at it with no fear but there because all he fears the Lord, But I'll tell you.


The people start, the fear started to go away with with people and where we're at today, when I say every single day is a better day. We're in the best position. We've been in since last year in June and November 3rd, and the reason I say that is because everybody now is out there with no fear and we all know what happened, and it's all going to get corrected, and it's all being done. God's timing, not our timing. And I will promise you this, there's not going to be any election done with any machines or computers down in 2022.


And we've got, we've got great what and then I've see just yesterday. Why are they all of a sudden attacking again all the news back there? Why are they all attacking now? A year later? It's risen to a new level. You know, why? Because all these great things are coming out, not just where Arizona, with their, they're still getting stuff from the Maricopa audit, but stump it's coming out everywhere.

So they want to deflect his called election deflection, and they want to try and see silence our voice again, just yesterday. Did you all hear what they did to a great OAN?
[MercuryNews;DirecTV to sever ties with right-wing channel OAN]

It's disgusting. DirecTV owned by AT&T. Told him that they're done. They're going to these, 75% of all the end of you watching. You're not going to be able to watch all the way in when their contract is up. And they did it for only one reason to silence that and this brings up. The biggest problem we face is, it's not the media, the fake news media, we're all on to them. It's the conservative media, the ones that don't talk one of them rhymes with Fox.


Okay, disgusting. They're disgusting. They won't talk about anything. When was the last time you seen anybody on Fox, talk about the 2020 election? You're not going to see it there just disgusting. So the hope is right now, every day that goes by more and more things. You have. We got enough evidence. We got all that stuff. That's all down. We've got a great plan, but in order to get the plan done, you got to go the messages. We have. You have, you know, you have a real American News are SBN, OAN, FrankSpeech.com...


And, but you also have all of you read a all of you... [lag] ... you need to see what's in the news. That's like, like, if something new comes out down here, with the audit, if something comes on, if you're up in and multinent state, I don't care if you watch in state, Florida, wherever you had and you look every day. And you see some share it with all of your friend's. email them everything because it's our voice, our voice has gotten bigger and bigger every single day since last year, and you can't stop that. So we will, we will get our country back. And God bless you all, and God bless America.


Posted at 2022/01/17(Mon) 15:06:04

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