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フリン将軍のインタビュー抜粋「確実に3〜4週間で、アリゾナ州と他のいくつかの地域、おそらくジョージア州から、何かが出てくる」 文字起こし日本語訳

 FLASH POINTという番組で、6月16日に語った内容のようです。つまりあと2〜3週間でジョージア州で何かが出てくるだろう、ということでしょうか。



 ええ、信じられませんよね。ジーン。どこから話を始めましょう? アリゾナ州の州務長官が民間団体から受け取った300万ドルから始めたいのか、世界が今、この国の1つの郡をどのように見ているのかから始めたくないのか。
 これはどうでしょう? ペンシルバニア州からの代表団が訪れましたが、彼らはすぐにペンシルバニア州に戻るでしょうし、そこにいた人たちもペンシルバニア州に戻っていることを知っています。今、見始めています。ペンシルベニア州で法廷監査を行うためのイニシアチブを取ることになりました。


原文(English Subscript)

Yeah, I know, it's incredible. Gene. Where do you want to start? You want to start with the three million dollars that the Secretary of State of Arizona has received from private organizations for you don't want to start with, with how the rest of the world is watching One County in this country right now. And I'm not just talking about you know a couple of Swing States. I'm talking about the entire world, the entire freedom-loving world is watching Maricopa County and you know we just had and they and everybody. How's this? We just had a delegation from Pennsylvania visit and I know they're going right back to Pennsylvania and I know those I know the folks that were there and they're back in Pennsylvania. Now, starting to look at. Okay. Here's what we're going to start to take an initiative on to do a forensic audit here in Pennsylvania. Wisconsin if I'm not mistaken and Patrick may know have better more current information by know. Wisconsin delegation is supposed to be down in Maricopa and all of the things that we are learning and If, you know.

If you want to follow somebody in Arizona for your listeners, I think it's Senator Kelly Townsend. I follow her on on various social media because she's been very, very direct about the kinds of things that that she is putting out about what they are doing in Arizona. My assessment is that in the next, probably three to four weeks, maybe less, but certainly three to four weeks, we're going to see out of Arizona and out of a couple of other places, probably Georgia. We're going to see some real Bombshells not to use an old term there that's probably been overused but we're going to see some things that are going to come out in these Audits and I think in the next three or four weeks that are going to that are just going to shock everybody and frankly everybody that's been paying attention and watching this thing it won't be shocking. It won't be surprising. People are going to go, you know, see this we've been saying this all along. So all of the media that have been Going about these conspiracy theorist people like me, and Patrick, and Sidney, and others who have been out there, and Mike Lindell, these aren't conspiracy theories.
These are real things that have happened the election was clearly a misappropriated stolen. However whatever word you want to use. And now the discovery of the evidence is starting to come to light and I think we're going to see it in droves in a couple of states and not just Maricopa County in Arizona.

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