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トランプ大統領、9.11―20周年を迎えてのスピーチ 文字起こし日本語訳

 私たちは850億ドルもの最高で洗練された軍事機器を銃撃もされずに奪われました。私たちの国のリーダーは 愚か者のように見せかけられたことは、決して許されることではありません。原因は計画の不備と、何が起こっているのかを本当に理解していなかったリーダーの信じられないほどの弱さです。



文字起こし原文 (English transcript)

For the great people of our country. This is a very sad day.
September 11th represents great sorrow for our country. Many things were displayed that day, including most importantly, the Bravery of our police fire and First Responders of every kind. The job, they did was truly unbelievable. We love them and we thank them.
It is also a sad time for the way, our war. On those that did such harm to our country. Three ended last week, the loss of 13, great warriors, and the many more who were wounded should never have happened overall 250 people were killed in Afghanistan last week. And so many more were seriously injured.
We had 85 billion dollars of the finest and most sophisticated military equipment taken from us without even a shot being fired. The leader of our country. Was made to look like a fool and that can never be allowed to happen. It was caused by bad planning, incredible weakness at leaders who truly didn't understand what was happening.
This is the 20th year of this war and should have been a year of Victory and Honor and strength. Instead, Joe Biden and his inept Administration surrendered in defeat.

We will live on, but sadly, our country will be wounded for a long period of time. We will struggle to recover from the embarrassment this incompetence has caused. Do not fear however. America will be Made Great Again.

Posted at 2021/09/12(Sun) 07:40:55

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