I teie nei e mea rahi no'ano'a





 そして、あなたは勝ちます!  あなたは勝つでしょう! あなたは勝ちます! そして、私はここから、何が起こるかわからないあなたを見守るつもりです。私は、この国で最も偉大な開発者になるか、あなたがこれまでに経験した中で最も偉大な大統領になるか、どちらかになるでしょう。 確信はありませんが。

The President at the Cuban-American National Foundation. Florida, 1999.

I smell gas turbine other night on television and he's not looking good. He's lasted longer than a lot of you but you people have really hoped, but he has lasted, but his not looking good right now. And you will win! You are going to win! And I'm going to be down here and I'm going to watch you when I don't know what capacity. I'll be, I'll either be the greatest developer and the country, or the greatest President that you've had, no longer. I'm not sure.

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